Colonel Panic

“The player is a computer virus that can create drones and with their help destroy the computer’s anti-virus.”

Our pitch

A Shoot ’em up game made during 8 weeks part time in TGA2D in a team of 13.


My contributions

I worked mainly with different enemies in this project. Specifically the sine curve, hatchet and memory leak enemy but I added animations to almost all enemies. Besides enemies I created a menu system that was used for all menus in the game and I helped with the tiled level loading. You can read about some stuff that I did down below!

Sine curve enemy

I created the sine curve enemy that had some tweakable variables so you could change the amount of enemies per group, the width of the curve, the frequency and the space between the enemies.

Video showing the sine enemy

Hatchet enemy

I created the hatchet enemy that acted as a spawner. It spawned another type of enemy when it was open in intervals and then it closed for a certain amount of time. All the variables were tweakable from json so you could choose the amount it spawned and how long it should be remain open/closed and the health of the hatchet.

Memory leak enemy

The memory leak enemy was another enemy that I created, it grew bigger and bigger until it had reached a certain size. It was impossible to kill the enemy but you could shoot it to get it too shrink. If you shot the enemy enough it would remain small for a certain amount of time. Like the other enemies I made, all the variables were tweakable from json.

One of the first thing I did in this project was the menu system. You could choose to use either a vertical or a horizontal alignment of the menu and it was possible to have a menu made by only text or of images. I created both a menu class and a button class. The menu class owned the buttons knew what button was currently selected. The buttons had info about the sprite that it should show when active and when “idling”. They also contain a function pointer with code that will be called on when you click on the button.

Video showing the menu system in action

The team behind Colonel Panic


Jens Berg
Henrik Hedström
Remi Mrozek
Jonas Krantz
Edit Hansson
Joel Petersson Klevje