Neon Rider

“We want to make a heavily synthwave inspired obstacle racer with three distinctly different worlds.”

Our pitch

An obstacle game made during 6 weeks parttime in Unity in a team of 14 teammembers.


My contributions

This was the first project at The Game Assembly and I mainly worked with a leveldesign tool (unofficially called “The cool tool”). Besides that I helped the team with Unity since some never had worked with it before. You can read more about the leveldesign tool down below!

  • Leveldesign tool
  • Change patch/trail color
  • Skybox manager
  • Eventmanager

Leveldesign tool

I made a leveldesign tool for this project and I constantly talked with the leveldesigners to make it better and give it new features. You placed the script on a trigger collider and then you could chose what would happen to a certain gameojbect when the player entered a trigger.

Example of how it could look like

You could make objects move,rotate and play sound when the you entered the trigger. You could also choose some different movement and rotations type. Every object that was affected with this tool saved their start transform so you could reset them whent the player respawned at a checkpoint. Down below are some examples of how the tool was used in the game.

Falling spikes
Train and rotating house
Ufo dropping mines
Even this sequence of the ufo shooting at the ground, wall and trucks are made with the tool

The team behind Neon Rider


Benjamin Mättö
Henrik Hedström
Linus Eriksson
Mohamed Jawad
Ventus Andersson

Level designers

Alice Persson
Marcus Norén
Hugo Borg