Kero Kero

”Take advantage of bad weather with your umbrella to get to the top of a Japanese forest and unravel the source of the rain.”

Our pitch.

A platformer made during 8 weeks part time in TGA2D in a team of 13.


My contributions

I mainly worked with enemies in this project and some gameplay features like the airstreams and onewayplatforms. I also worked with controller input and vibrations and animations for the player. You can read more about some of the stuff I did down below.

Beetle enemy

Our most basic enemy. It moves right until it reaches a wall or a trigger collider that the leveldesigners could place close to edges. When it reaches the wall/trigger it flips and moves left.

Hornet enemy

Another enemy that I made was the hornet enemy. It flied around and shot towards the player. I made a waypoint system that was loaded from tile that the leveldesigners could use to create a path that the hornet would follow.


I made the airstreams for this project that added a force to the player character in the direction the airstream was rotated. The closer the player was to the airstream the more force would be given to the player.

Oneway platforms

If the player was below a one way platform the platform’s collider would disable. This could have led to issues, if for an example enemies would walk over one way platforms and the player was below. Then the enemies would have fallen trough the platforms. However, this was something I kept in mind and discussed with the leveldesigners. They hadn’t planned to have oneway platforms in the same area as enemy so it didn’t become a problem.

The team behind Kero Kero

Level designers

Alexander Sandén
Sara Lövgren