Temple of Chakram

Explore a long forgotten kingdom, thought only to exist in legends, on your epic quest to find the ‘Boomerang of no return’.” 

Our pitch

An adventure game made during 8 weeks in TGA2D in a team of 13.


My contributions

I hadn’t worked that much with tools or engine related stuff before this project so I decided that I wanted to create a tool. I chose to do an animation tool that would let us make transitions between animations based on a certain condition. Besides that I worked with gameplay features like dashing and doors that you could open and close. I also did the checkpoint/saving system and music zones. You can read some more about some of the stuff I did down below!

Animation tool

I like the animator in Unity so for I took inspiration from that for this animation tool. It wasn’t as pretty considering that I didn’t create any tree structure but it was possible to create transitions between animations and I even made it possible to transition from an anystate. Besides the animation tool I also added some features to the animation system we had during this project. The game we did had eight variants of animation for almost every animation. This was because the characther could move in four directions and there were animations for when the player held the boomerang or not. I added a way that enabled us to have these variants for every direction and depending on if you held the boomerang.

Video showing the animation tool

Dash upgrades

I worked on some of the dash upgrades on this project. I made the dash harmful and made it impossible to get hurt while dashing.

Video showing one of the dash upgrades


I made the doors for this project, they had different sprites and an active collider or deactive depending on their state. The door sprites and colliders would change depending on the rotation you chose in Tiled.

Video showing opening and closing of doors